Race day nutrition & Mc Idiots

Everything thing I write here is from a beginners point of view. Always has been. So excuse me if (as a beginner triathlete) I think some more experienced people are stupid… Let me explain.

The other day I saw this article posted on facebook. The “McRunner”, a Palatine father who is running the LA marathon on a diet consisting only of McDonalds.
“I love McDonalds and I love running and this was a great way to combine the two.” says the McRunner. 
Really. Does this seems like a good idea to anyone?
Before the Chicago Marathon last year I was frantic about my nutrition both before and during the race. I tested various types of hydration methods, gels and chews to find what I felt would be the best for me. It was my first marathon, so I really didn’t take anything lightly.
I’ll admit that there was a long window where I did almost no training about 16 weeks before the race due to injury followed by laziness (because of the injury). But for the most part I stuck to my plan!
Is the McRunner just looking for attention? Did the Sun-times have NOTHING else to report? Had Charlie Sheen not done anything crazy in the 30 minutes it probably took to put that story together?
What ever McRunner, you’re an idiot looking for the spotlight even if comes from the “white light” you see after you collapse on the course from heart failure.
But reading that article reminded me of another article I read in Triathlete just a few weeks ago.
It talks about David Thompson, a pro triathlete who chows down on McDonalds during the race… Yeah that’s what I want on a 112 mile bike ride, barf.
The difference between Thompson and the McRunner is that Thompson has Micky D’s mixed in with other forms of race day nutrition like gels, Gatorade, fruit and Snickers (I’ll give Snickers the benefit of the doubt for being considered “nutrition”).
With all these McAthletes racing around I wondered where the “nutrition” line is….

4 thoughts on “Race day nutrition & Mc Idiots

  1. Okay, while I don’t think eating McD’s for the last 30 days of marathon training, while trying to PR, is a brilliant idea… he isn’t eating it DURING his runs. He’s having gels & water. 🙂

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