Check yourself before you wreck yourself

It’s been a long 3 weeks of training filled with long hard workouts and no rest. Saturday towards the end of my masters swim I was on the last 50 of the main set and I was so exhausted I was ready to give up right in the middle of the pool.

I finished, but it wasn’t pretty! Later that day I had an hour and fifteen minute high cadence workout on the bike. Yesterday morning I ran for 90 minutes…

I’ve been so focused on the workouts that I didn’t realize that today kicked off a Rest and Re-test week… Score! 

I’m definitely pumped for some rest, but I’m also excited to re-test in all three sports to see how I’ve progressed. 

It’s a little terrifying though.

I’m confident that my swim has improved since my first test. I couldn’t complete the warm up the first time around, now I can smash through 3000 meters and live to tell about it!

I think the bike will be an improvement too. Its become my favorite of the three sports. And to think, I wanted to push cyclists in the lake while I ran on the path last summer!

I’ve put in a little extra time on the bike outside of my scheduled workouts, which should help to show improvement!

Then there’s running. It’s the sport that spawned this triathlon idea in the first place! But of the three this where I feel the least amount of improvement.

I’m running at roughly the same pace as last year. However the training for running has changed… While I was training using Nike+ Coaching all the workouts were distance based. Coach Jen schedules my runs based on time and heart rate. So I’ve paid less attention to the pace and distance I’m running.

So though the rest will be awesome, knowing the results of these tests will be more awesome!

Swim test tomorrow!

83 days to Mooseman!

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