My long history with Oakley

Ever since I was a kid I thought Oakley’s were the coolest, I’ve never worn another brand. But I was devastated on Saturday. My son had been walking around wearing my Oakley Valve’s, it was pretty cute, until I found them on the floor later… in two pieces.

I wasn’t mad, but I was a little upset. You see these weren’t just Oakley Valve’s, they were the Limited Ducati Edition. I bought them about 5 years a go in Florida. They were awesome!
I looked around online to see about getting them repaired, however on Oakley’s website I could only find information about warranty repairs… Bummer. Chicago Daniel sent me a tweet saying he had some out of warranty Oakley’s repaired pretty cheap, so I emailed Oakley to find out.
Even before my shades broke, stopping by a Sunglass Hut or Oakley store was an easy way for me to geek out for a little bit. I’ll be honest if I had the bankroll I’d have a sunglasses collection that would make Paul Shaffer jealous. 
So its no surprise that on a trip to Woodfield Mall that afternoon that I popped in to the Oakley Store and popped out with a new pair of Whisker Squares!
The sales guy asked if I owned Oakley’s before, I told him about the broken pair
“OH, it’s never good to break a collectors item.”
Thanks buddy, that what I wanted to hear.
I felt a little better now that I had shades again… And to top it off, the Oakley folks emailed back to say they could fix my broken pair (for a small charge)!!!
I just sent them off this morning, and I’m looking forward to getting them back in the next couple of weeks! I’m actually shocked that Oakley does this serious of a repair for older model glasses. I kind of expected them to tell me I was out of luck.
Thanks Oakley!

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