Celebrate Opening Day with Nike & Fleet Feet!

As far as I’m concerned baseball doesn’t exist on the Northside. But for some reason every year I hear people taking about it (feel free to leave your hate mail in the comments section)….

This season it looks like there will actually be something to celebrate

Nike wants you to FREE YOURSELF on Opening Day! Join us on April 1st for a run from NIKETOWN Chicago and Fleet Feet Sports to a surprise destination in Wrigleyville! Be the first to test-drive the newly released Nike Free Run+ 2 and enjoy all the baseball-inspired revelry of the neighborhood. Great prizes will be awarded! Gear check and special tees will be provided, while supplies last. Reminder to bring an ID, 21+ only.

Runs will have groups leaving from Niketown and both Fleet Feet Locations. So you runners will will have some options as far as distance goes. You can RSVP by clicking the Niketown or Fleet Feet links below, and route maps are available by clicking the individual Fleet Feet location

Check-in: 6:15am
Depart: 6:30am
Approx. 6 miles

Fleet Feet Sports
Check-in: 6:45am
Depart: 7:00am
Piper’s Alley: Approx 4 miles
Lincoln Square: Approx 3 miles

Additional Info about the newly released Free Run+ 2
The unique upper design of the Nike Free Run+ 2 was inspired by the anatomy of the foot, in which seemingly delicate bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles are interconnected in a remarkable latticework that enables the foot to support enormous impact and pressure. Similarly, the multi-layered upper design of the Nike Free Run+ 2 features minimal overlays that allow for a much wider range-of-motion than would be possible in a conventional running shoe. But, working in concert, those layers are also sufficiently robust to provide the support runners need.

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