Bad training decisions can be painful!

Mooseman 70.3 — 59 days away. 

This is the final stretch of training to get me as ready as possible for this race. I’m dialed in on each workout like it’s the one that will make or break me on race day.

So Tuesday when I forgot my running shoes at home was I going to skip my run? 

Absolutely Not.

So I made the decision to run in the old gym shoes I was wearing. Problem solved.


I got in my 45 min run and moved on with my day… Until my left leg started to hurt… I stretched a little extra and figured it would go away.

Wednesday it still hurt. Dare I say, it hurt worse. I was freaking out a little, I’ve been dying to race on Sunday. I CAN’T be injured.

Last night I wrapped some ice on it, that seemed to help. This morning I was a lot less sore. And I decided to NOT wear the offending shoes today.

I have a run scheduled today and I have been filp flopping all morning on if I was going to do it or not. I really didn’t want to tell Jen... What if she said I couldnt run on Sunday! NOOOO!!!

After some thought, I came to the decision that if Jen said not to run Sundy, that wouldn’t be nearly as bad as being injured for Mooseman.

Do you like that? I though of it all by myself.

I sent her an email and expalained everything. The end result was, not to run today and to spin instead.

“Oh boy…..Yes, those old shoes would do that for sure.  Next time just move the run so you can run in proper shoes.
With the race on Sunday we need to be careful…..and you are OFF tomorrow…so I would spin easily instead for the same time today instead of running.
Foam roll, take the STICK to it — massage it…and get that area under control…..should calm down by Sunday!”

Good deal…

I guess the smart decision would have been to move the run, so I was wearing the right shoes. But just out of spite, I retired the pair of shoes that caused all the trouble!


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