New Wetsuits, and a long weekend of training!

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I want to start off by saying I’m really excited to announce that XTERRA WETSUITS has decided to become an official sponsor of our documentary. Adam and I will be fast like Chris Lieto in our new Vortex 3 wetsuits! So a HUGE thanks goes out to the team at XTERRA WETSUITS for all their help!

It was another big training weekend, and according to the schedule I got from coach Jen there are more to come.

I kicked off Saturday with a 1:20 Z3 run. It felt great, though I wasn’t too motivated to get started. I found a decent route through the neighborhood and down northwest highway almost to Arlington Park. The wind going out was a little rough.

Sunday, Tracy was on call, so I had a very precise training plan laid out to accomplish the 2.5 hour/30 min run brick Jen had planned for me.

Just before Sammy needed to take his nap I set up my bike, fluids, shoes and baby jogger. The plan was to get on the bike the minute he laid down and hope he slept for 2.5 hours, after the ride put him in the jogger and do the run.

My plan was close to flawless! I did the ride, which felt great, he was waking up as I was getting my running gear on! However I did not account for Sammy needed a whole wardrobe change, or trying to find his missing shoe (it was under the couch). But after that slight delay we were running a 30min Z3 run!

Afterwards I hit up Runners High & Tri in Arlington Heights to pick up a pair of CEP compression socks. I’m glad I did because I have some leg soreness today!

I felt some shin pain while running, but it wasn’t too bad. I figured it was just becuas it was a big workout. This morning it was a little worse. I put the socks on and they’re deffinately helping.

I sent Jen an email to let her know & see what she thinks.

“Ok…good to know but let’s stay on this!  Best to freeze water in a little dixie cup and massage, ice your lower legs….keep stretching – it is the lower legs adapting to the increased work load but do not fight it… stay on this and let me know if it gets worse!”

Today I have 3,500 yards in the pool… BRING IT!!!

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