Worst Bike Ride Ever.

I was really excited for my Sunday ride. I had a plan all figured out to fit it in.

Since it was Easter we were headed to see family for breakfast, I was going to leave the house on the bike before my wife and then we would meet at her moms house.

This plan was fool proof.

I hopped on the bike and headed down Northwest Highway. Everything was going great I felt good, the weather was nice and I was making great time averaging 18 mph.

All of the sudden by back tire felt a little mushy. When I Iooked back I saw it was getting low… Uh oh I need air. I hit up 3 gas stations before I found one that was open had had an air pump. By the time I pulled in my front tire was having the same mushy issue.

I pumped both font and rear, but they weren’t holding air. I re-pumped… still nothing… oh crap. 

I didn’t have an extra tube or anything. And not to mention that it was early on Easter Sunday, so nothing was open.

I was not happy. I stood there for a minute and tried to think of a way around this… There wasn’t one. With both front and back flats it was time to call the rescue crew!

Luckily my brother was around, so he could come and pick me up.

I didn’t see any damage to the tires on the bike, but I’m guessing I ran over glass of something that made it so the tires wouldn’t hold air.

I’m going to try and get to a bike shop to night or tomorrow to get it checked out.

Mark a DNC next to yesterday’s bike workout.

Today I run for an hour.

2 thoughts on “Worst Bike Ride Ever.

  1. That sucks, but you are becoming a cyclist. Always carry CO2 on you. Even if you can’t fix a flat, you can fill it up and get home. Next, you and I need to go to a fix a flat class. They are free and I still suck at it.

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