Key Training Week!

Mooseman 70.3 – 20 Days.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been slacking on keeping Coach Jen up to speed on how the training has been going. We talked last week and I promised to be better.

This weekend started a “key week” of training. There are a lot of big workouts on tap. Friday I had a 2 hour run, which is unusual for a weekday. I’m assuming it was because of the downtime I had for the Kentucky Derby. It was mostly a zone 2 run, I got 10 miles in.

Saturday I was up early and on my bike before 6am, this was a brick workout consisting of a 4 hour ride followed by a 30 min run. The wind and weather during the ride was awful. I went from Des Plaines north on Rand Rd, through Cuba Marsh forest preserve back around into Lake Zurich, again through Cuba Marsh, in to Barrington and down Northwest Highway back home to finish out a 57 mile ride.

Then my wife came out with Sammy in the jogger and we did the 30 min run together. It was fun, but I was exhausted! The rest of the day was recovery. I’ve been playing with some compression gear from McDavid, I’ll write about that in a few weeks!

Sunday I was in the pool early. My body didn’t seem to thrilled about it! I felt like lead, and my legs were a little sore from the day before. I swam for an hour and then launched right back into recovery-land… I love recovery-land.

Today is another swim, 2500 yards… I’d LOVE to do it in the lake but Jen says I need the water to be above 55 degrees. Damn!

The rest of the weeks training looks like this…

Tuesday – 1 Hour Run

Wednesday – 1 hour Z3 Ride

Thurs – 45 Min Z2 Run

Fri – 1:10 Swim (Looooong 40 min constant swimming)

Sat – Masters Swim & 2:15 Run in hills

Sun – 4.5 hour Bike in Hills Followed by 45 min Z2-3 Run

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