I’m tired of the pool

It seems like Chicago isn’t ready to give up on winter yet… We got 2 nice days followed by a bunch of crap weather.

For training purposes it hasn’t been TOO bad… What I mean is its better than running in the snow, and the weather has been kind enough that I can take my bike out of the livingroom and into the street.

One aspect of Tri training that still suffers is swimming. I am SOOO tired of the pool! Coach Jen said I shouldn’t try the lake unless water was 55* or higher… Boooo, at this rate I’m not swimming outside until August!

I’ve been checking the lake temp and It hasn’t moved… Today I heard it was going to be 54… Well that’s close enough to 55 for me!

I put my wetsuit in my bag and planned on giving it a shot… However like most awesome weekday plans, work got in the way (COME ON POWERBALL!!!).

So as much as I don’t want to, I’ll be in the thick disgusting water of Xsport Fitness tonight. I’d rather swim in the Chicago River!

Jen has a potential open water swim on my schedule for next Saturday, so lets hope for nice weather! But until then I’m stuck swimming inside.

Have a good weekend!

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