I’m short and obese … super

Mooseman 70.3 – 12 Days

Hey you know what’s NOT awesome news to get 12 days before your first triathlon? That you’re obese.
Yesterday kicked off Healthy Week for NBCUniversal, a company sponsored week of free fitness classes, quick health exams, as well as diet and nutrition info. I signed up for today’s biometric testing mostly because I wanted to see how fit I was… Turns out I learned how fat I AM!
I have been training like crazy, so I’m not real sure what’s going wrong. 2 years ago I would run a mile and feel accomplished… Now I can run 5 with out trying… The past 2 weekends alone I put in about 13 hours of working out. I don’t (or VERY rarely) eat fast-food. I rarely drink pop or sugary drinks. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!
If you asked me BEFORE this test what my “stats” were I would have told you
Height – 5’11
Weight – 190
Waist – 34
BMI – 26
Blood Pressure – Normal 
Here are the test results
Hight – 5’8
Weight – 198.5
Waist – 37
BMI – 30.1
Blood Pressure – High
Is this a joke? I’m not really sure how to handle this information.

4 thoughts on “I’m short and obese … super

  1. All you may need is a little encouragement from Gunnery Sergeant Hartman…

    Best of luck in the triathlon!

  2. Phil. How did I miss that 70.3 is your FIRST tri? What a warm up! You really are insane. 😉

  3. I blame it on the Packers, Oprah and Bin Laden. Not your fault my plus sized pal:)
    Welcome to the club:)

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