Nike+ turns 5 and they want to give YOU a present!

Almost 2 years ago I went on a “long run”(or so I thought) with my buddy Beefy. I credit that run for getting me started on this journey from non-runner to marathoner and now on my way to a Half Ironman (12 days away).

I had no idea what I was really doing when I started, so I made a small investment in the Nike+ Sportband, followed the Nike+ Marathon coaching program and finished the marathon with no problem.

What’s great about Nike+ is that its more than just a sportwatch or an iPhone app, it’s a running community with over 4 million members that share a common goal of becoming better runners.

To celebrate Nike+’s 5 year birthday, Nike will be GIVING AWAY a limited number of their newest iPhone app Nike+ GPS on the iTunes app Store. The Nike+ GPS App allows runners to use their iPhone to visually map every run while tracking pace, distance, time and calories-burned as well as stay motivated with instant feedback during and after each run.


As an additional social connection, the Nike+ GPS was updated with a “Cheer Me On” feature, allowing users to solicit their Facebook friends for moral support as they run.


Additional Nike+ activities throughout the month-long celebration include:

·         5 for 5 Challenge: Members are invited to participate in a fifth anniversary challenge enticing runners to celebrate by running 5k increments.

·         5-Year Badges: Nike+ will recognize its most active members, including awarding five-year members a special badge for their profiles.

·         Sign the Nike+ birthday card: The Nike Running Facebook page will feature a special “Birthday Card” section in which members can share their best Nike+ stories for a chance to be showcased in Nike Running’s weekly shout-out status updates.

·         Runners can visit to learn more.

Nike+ Fifth Anniversary Horizontal.jpg

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