I’m off to Mooseman!!!

Ironman Mooseman 70.3 – 3 days.

This race seems to have snuck up on me. It seems like just yesterday I registered for a race that was 8 months away.

At that point I felt completely unprepared. I did 500 yards in the pool and thought I was going to die. I was riding a mountain bike on a trainer for months until I got a proper bike.

The only thing I was remotely confident in was the run. Through the training process things started to click, it happened slowly but it helped build confidence in this race. 

I leave for Boston this morning and I’m heading to Mooseman tomorrow. I won’t be able to write for a few days. But please follow me on Twitter for pics and updates. You can also track me and Adam here – I’m bib #319 … Adam is bib #433

Regardless of what happens in the race I have a lot of people to thank for helping me get here.

My wife, son and family for having to deal with my long training schedule and being patient enough to put up with it! I love you guys!

Coach Jen Harrison, for designing a TON of workouts to get me ready for this. Jen had to deal with a lot of my stupid questions and poorly thought out race plans (and there’s more to come!!!)… and I couldn’t have done it with out you! 

Dave Wallach, almost a year ago Dave wrote about “getting out of the mentor business”Liar! Thanks for taking me on training rides, swim sessions and checking up on me during training, it means a lot and it helped a TON! 

To everyone who answered my many questions about bikes, shoes, pedals, wetsuits, ect, thank you for taking the time to help me out!

Though I won’t be writing for a few days, I will be tweeting, so you can follow the Mooseman trip @PhilCastello. We’ll probably have some picture and video up.

Now if you’ll excuse me… I have to RACE!!!!!

3 thoughts on “I’m off to Mooseman!!!

  1. Go get em’ dude. Stay calm, stick to your plan, and above all else, beat the living crap out of Adam!:)

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