Mooseman 70.3 Update

This time tomorrow, I should be out of the water, through transition and off on my bike… Today is going to be filled with a lot of “To Do” items.

Coach Jen has me in the water and on the bike today just to loosen up and make sure everything is working like it should. I’ve already taken the bike round the hotel parking lot just to make sure I put it back together correctly.
As soon as Adam gets off Alaska time and gets his ass out of bed, we’re going to head to the course, hop in the water (which is currently registering at 60 degrees), then we’ll take a quick spin on the bikes before checking them in.
The Mooseman international distance is running this morning, which is why we can’t really get at this sooner, but once they’re done we will get a chance to drive the course and get a feel for what we’re in for tomorrow. Later tonight, there is a bonfire for the athletes, we’re planning on hitting that up before crashing early.
I heard a couple people in the lobby this morning talking about being nervous. I have to say, I’m pretty relaxed right now. The goal here is to finish, not win. The only thing I’m competing against is the clock, and since I’ve never done this before I’m guaranteed a PR!
My only slight concern is completing the swim, and it’s not that I don’t think I can make the distance. Of the three sports swimming is my weakest, and as long as I get out of the water before the cutoff it’s a success.
I’m looking at it like the race starts on an island, and I missed the last boat! So all I need to do is swim there before the race starts.
Alright, time to roust this Alaskan out of bed.
Remember, you can track us tomorrow during the race here, I’m bib #319 and Adam is #433. We kick off at 7:13 am EST.

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