Time to get back at it!!!

Alright, my post-race rest week is over. Yesterday I got back in the game. I have 2 more Olympic distance Tri’s this summer, both in August.

Ill be kicking ass at RAM Racing’s Bangs Lake Multi-sport festival on August 14th and then I make my Chicago Triathlon debut 2 weeks later. I’m pumped!

There was a little hiccup in yesterday’s training, Coach Jen had me down for a swim, but I forgot my gear. Instead i ran in the evening. It was just an easy one hour jog.

I just emailed Jen to see if there were going to be any tweaks to my training either based on my performance at Mooseman or because of the shorter distances. I’m eager to hear what she says.

One change I’m making is in my diet. If you remember I wrote a few weeks ago about my weight. On the advice of Coach Jen I contacted Beth Shutt, nutritionist and triathlete.

I filled out 4 days worth of food logs for Beth to analyze (and most likely laugh and shake her head in disgust).

Right off the bat she said I could use more fruits and vegetables. So that’s what I’m working on right now. We have a phone conversation set up to discuss more details, and when I know more I’ll write more.

One last thing I’m kicking off this week is the beginning of my fundraising for Misericordia, the charity I’ve chosen to fundraise for during my Marathon training. I have a goal to raise $1,000 by race day. Please take a minute and donate, every little bit helps!

Finally, I’ve started going through some of the video from Mooseman. It looks crisp. I’ll post some highlights from the swim portion in the next day or two.

That’s it for me today folks! Happy Monday, it’s good to be back!!!

One thought on “Time to get back at it!!!

  1. WELCOME BACK! :)))) And, I knew Beth would bust your butt on fruit and veggies! LOL….Bangs Lake here we come!

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