Hello, Motivation… Where are you?

It’s been 16 days since my race at Mooseman. Coach Jen gave me a light week of rest/training right after the race which has ramped up over the past week. I’m getting the work in which is good, but it’s a battle.

Physically I feel fine, a little stiff in the shoulders at the pool, but not too bad. I’m just constantly tired.
Maybe it was all of the traveling or the hot, cold, then hot again weather… I’m not sure. but I NEED to snap out of this and fast.
Tonight I have a brick to do for an hour and a half, tomorrow is the pool and a 40 min run.

One thought on “Hello, Motivation… Where are you?

  1. Do something fun. Something active, but something different. A basketball game. Rollerblading. Something to get everything moving, but outside your general routine. Go for a run, and dont look at time or distance. Have fun with being active and let yourself have the rest you need. You will get back into the swing of things.

    OH, and rode “naked” (in Dan’s terminology) at lunch with my buddy Bill. 20 miles in 70 minutes…. IT’S ON!!!!

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