Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Today I did something I don’t notmally do… I looked at next weeks workouts in advance!!! I tend to go day to day with my workouts, it really helps that  Coach Jen wakes stays up until midnight each night to email them to me (I refuse to believe that it happens automatically).

Next week is a rest & test week. I have a love/hate relationship with weeks like this. I love the rest portion, hate or maybe just really really dislike the test portion. Jen has me scheduled to do the same three tests as last time.

An all out run: Not too terrible, but only because it’s not that long! The last time we did this it was 10 degrees out, so regardless of how hard the run is at least I won’t freeze to death!

A timed swim: I HATE the swim test… HATE HATE HATE. It consists of sprints with very little rest in between. Usually the first set fine, but the last few are like torture! You can’t breathe, you’re exhausted, and then you have to swim a cool down.

A Time Trial on the bike: This is another all or nothing effort test. I believe Jen said I would get bonus point for puking… excellent.

Just like the last round of tests I did in March, I have an idea of how it’ll turn out. Depending on the day, the run could be fine. I haven;t had any running issues lately so that’s a bonus. The bike test sould be the best out of the three. Outside of the awful showing at Mooseman, I think cycling has been my go to sport.

As for swimming. Well I hope there’s a lifeguard present! I’m never confident in my swim. So I feel like that test will be a little of a gamble. Last time I did a lot better than I thought, so we’ll see!

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