It’s time to race Bangs Lake


I’m really looking forward to racing Bangs Lake this weekend. It will be the perfect end to a horrific week!

I submitted my race plan to Coach Jen and was really happy with her response.

Here was my plan:

Swim: finish. Just like Mooseman I just want to get through it and move on.

Bike: avg speed of 15mph. I got this number because I REALLY over estimated how fast I was going to be going at Mooseman. The good news is Jen thinks I’ll be able to go faster. Especially since this will be a flat couse.

Run: Start slow. 12min/mile to get my legs back. After about the 1st mile pick it up, and the final 5k give it everything I have. Jen’s exact words were “you better have your eyes coming out of your head suffering” … Noted!

I AM PUMPED!!! This is going to be an excelled race!

Finally, remember the Going The Distance Ride-A-Thon is about a month away. Everyone who pledges a per-mile donation has a chance to win some awesome prizes.

Check out our Facebook page to see the awesome companies who have donated prizes!

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