Off season training tips

Even with the temperature bouncing around and now snow on the ground (not that I’m complaining) its that time of year where a lot of your workouts are going to be indoors. Just last night I was sitting in my studio doing hill climb simulations on my bike trainer.

The challenge for all of us is  how to make the workouts interesting and beneficial without falling in to a rut. Over the next several weeks I’m going to speak with the best of the best in endurace sports about their off season training schedules and what tips the have for keeping it fresh!

Here is a tip I got from Robbie Ventura of Vision Quest Coaching last year when he helped me pick out a road bike.



If there are any pro’s you’d like to hear from or have specific questions you’d like to ask, just send me an email and I’ll try and get you some answers.

Happy  Training!

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