Going Pro: Craig Alexander talks off-season training

In this “Going Pro” I got another chance to talk to 3-time Ironman World Champ Craig Alexander and ask him some of the questions emailed and tweeted by you!


Craig won his 3rd IM Championship in October.

Besides resting after Kona, what are your plans for off-season training?

CA: Well so far there has really been no off-season. I have had more appearances and media time than in years past and just a whole lot of traveling. I like it though; it gives me a chance to really tough base with triathletes away from the pressure and focus of racing.

I do really enjoy meeting the amateurs and hearing their stories. Everyone is so excited to be participating in the sport, especially the beginners. I’m always happy to spend some time chatting. I am also building a gym in my house. Dave Scott has been writing my strength programs for years and it’s done wonders for me.

How much time do you spend doing workouts on a trainer/treadmill?

CA: Well since I have the endless summer, splitting time between Cronulla (Australia) and Boulder, I get to do a lot of my sessions outside. But for sure I work in specific workouts on the trainer and tready. But probably not more than 10-15%.

What kind of a role does nutrition play in your off-season workouts?

CA: It’s huge. It’s actually one of my biggest focus areas for 2012. Nutrition is something that is talked about so much in this sport, that sometimes it gets diluted in the thoughts of one’s physical training. I have used SaltStick religiously in Kona and my nutrition of choice during the season is an Australian line called Body Science. You are what you eat, so they say…. So eat healthy!

How do you like the new Specialized Shiv?

CA: Well it’s by far the fastest bike I’ve ever ridden. While it wasn’t the only factor that contributed to my Kona bike split this year, it was the largest. It’s a rocket shipand cuts through the wind. The internal hydration bladder was actually very useful. I think Specialized set a new standard with this machine. It’s a beast!

How soon after the season ends do you start looking at your schedule for the next year?

CA: Generally about December time. I’m still as hungry as ever to go after the sports biggest races and my 2012 schedule will reflect that. I definitely want to defend my titles in Vegas and Kona and will add some new events to the schedule this year such as Ironman Melbourne and Eagleman 70.3. Abu Dhabi International is also on the top of my list. That raced is spectacular.

I have always loved Chicago triathlon as well it just doesn’t fit well with my training for the Ironman and 70.3 World Champs. I will return there one year. I have fond memories from winning there in 2004 and 2006.

Can we expect you see you at ANY of the mid-west races like Ironman Wisconsin or Racine 70.3?

CA: Probably not in 2012. But for sure I will return to do some of my favorite olympic distance events like Chicago once I’m ready to hang up my Kona plans. Chicago is a great city, a great sports town.

Other than Ironman events what races seem appealing to you?

CA: Abu Dhabi is fabulous. I believe my colleagues from the US fly through Chicago to get there, so I would highly recommend racing that one to anyone who is not afraid of a 14 hour plane ride. I also enjoy the lifetime series, Rev3 Quassy and would like to do Wildflower one year. I’m not sure if I have the mountain bike skills to go in Xterra, but I’m getting a new Specialized Epic 29’r soon, so you never know.

Thanks again to Craig for taking time out of his super busy schedule to talk to us!

If there are any other Pro’s you have questions for, let me about it on Twitter or on the Going The Distance Facebook Page!

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