Nike’s cryptic #MakeItCount video hypes revolutionary new product.

How will you #MakeItCount in 2012? Nike wants to know. In two days on 1-19-12, the folks at Nike say they’re releasing “a revolutionary product designed for all kinds of playmakers”

The video, though really cool doesn’t come close to giving a clear idea of what’s to come in the next 2 days. But it does look like what ever it is will appeal to more than just runners.

The video shoes Hope Solo kick boxing and Kevin Durant playing basketball as well as someone golfing, running and walking.

The “+” following the Nike Swoosh indicates it’ll be part of a Nike+ upgrade. I would guess that they’ll be offering new training plans geared towards specific sports.

I’ve always been a fan of Nike+ and it played a huge part in making me a runner, but there was definitely room for improvement. By adding a heart rate monitor and eventually GPS, Nike showed that they were dedicated to staying in the game when it came to training data.

I’m very curious to see what will be next when they unveil the new product on 1-19-12.

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