Dealing with illness and training

Uuuuugh. I’ve been sick for weeks. It started out as a normal cold and for a while I was working out through it. I started to feel better, still with a cough but nothing I can’t handle, so I went ahead and did my bike test from Coach Jen to get a baseline for training.

After the test, my legs were shot and my lungs worse. I had a long hard coughing session as I uploaded the results to Training Peaks. Apparently doing and all out bike test was a poor decision on my part because the cough got worse and my illness kicked back in.

My plan was to get up early and go to the pool the next morning, but when I woke up my head was pounding, I was congested and still coughing. I skipped the swim in the morning and thought maybe my condition would improve and I could do it in the evening. Boy was I wrong, that evening I ended up at the Walgreen’s clinic getting drugs for a sinus infection.

I sent an email to Jen who told me to take it easy until felt better. That day didn’t come until Sunday. I finally felt okay enough to ride a little.

When you have a lot of training to do in order to meet lofty goals any amount of time your forced to sit out pounds at your brain. Each day I’d wake up to an auto-email from Jen with my scheduled workout and think about how not completing it is effecting Florida 70.3. Sunday I did a modified workout and was really excited get back at it. Not only to get back on track, but it was going to be my first session on a new bike!

For the bike test I rode my Madone but for the remainder of the season I’ll be working out and racing on a Felt B16 and Felt DA4 tri-bikes. It’ll be part of a weekly segment about transitioning to riding a Tri bike.

So you can look for that each Tuesday!

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