30 mile ride in 1 minute

Coach Jen had me scheduled for a 4 hour ride yesterday. I was PUMPED!

I mapped a killer route from my house north to the Wisconsin border & back. It’s part of a 112 mile route I want to ride later this season.

There were problems with my ride from the beginning, like not sleeping because of being up with a sick kid all night. But I still got on the my Felt DA4 as planned at 6am, just as the sun was starting to come up. It was really cold… like 32 degrees cold. I was layered up & ready to ride!

The wind from riding was cutting right through me.

About 10 miles in POP! … front tire blew. I made a quick change, or as quick as I could… My fingers were numb. Once I was back on the road I was trying to think about ANYTHING other than how cold I was… After about 5 more miles I got another distraction… POP! Front tire again. I used my last spare to fix it and started on my way… I was only 50 minutes in!

As I rode and froze, I started thinking what would happen if I blew a 3rd tube? I was on farm roads riding by myself. I’d be stranded. Thats when I made the executive decision to head back home.

I was pissed. Ok well not THAT pissed, It was freezing. I figured I could ride the trainer inside for the remaining 2 hours.

So just when I figured it couldn’t get ant worse, the bike began to feel mushy… there was a slow leak in the rear. Luckily there was enough CO2 left in the pump to get me home. Well there went my trainer ride.

I was really excited to do that ride, I’m going to have to give that route a try again next Saturday!

I mounted my Contour HD camera on my bike to shoot a video of the ride. Take a look!

SIDE NOTE: Later that afternoon I was telling a friend about how horrible the ride was & that I couldn’t even finish on the trainer cause of the rear tube leak. Then he made me feel like an idiot by saying

“Don’t you have a 2nd Felt tri bike and your Madone? Why didn’t you use one of those on the trainer?”

Because I’m and idiot and it didn’t dawn on me.

One thought on “30 mile ride in 1 minute

  1. Oh god!!! I like your friend! 😉
    Hope you got the flats all figured out! Usually that many means you may possibly be putting the tire & tube back together incorrectly… Did you figure it out?

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