Racine 70.3 Race Report

After 2 not so hot races (1 Sprint & 1 Olympic) I needed a good race before Ironman Wisconsin.

In the weeks between Bigfoot and Racine I decided that if this HIM didn’t go well, I was going to pull out of Wisconsin. I only told two people, my wife and my friend Adam who is racing IMWI with me.

I’m excited to say Racine went very well. I got to the course super early race morning so I could make sure to have every detail in order and get a nice warm-up in.

One thing I started doing this season is depriving myself of caffeine the week prior to a race. It was a tip I got from Pro Logan Franks a few months back and I have to say it works really well. Since the CilfBar SHOTS I use have caffeine in them, you really get a good surge of energy after each one. That something you don’t usually notice if you’re as caffeine dependent as I am on a daily basis.

I got to the swim start with an hour to spare before my wave went off. That gave me the chance to get in the water get a little swimming in.

I was racing in the TYR Freak of Nature wetsuit, which was also exciting. The swim course was point to point and the water was perfect. I started right in the middle of the pack and stayed there for the majority of the swim. Coach Jen said she would be happy if I broke 40 mins in the swim (I told her I wanted to be mid 30’s).

The whole swim felt great. I enjoyed the point to point course because there didn’t seem to get beat up as much loop courses.

As I exited the water I checked the time and saw 39 minutes and change. I was pumped! If that was accurate (and it was) it was an 8 minute PR!

My first transition was slower than I wanted but soon enough I was on the bike course.

The roads were pretty bumpy and it seemed like we were constantly riding into a head wind. But it was mostly flat so I was able to keep and 18 mph average speed. The nutrition plan Jen and I worked out was on point which made the ride feel pretty effortless.

I didn’t go sub 3 hours on the bike, but it was another PR! Now it was time to run!

The plan was to build into the run. The sun was really beating down and it was hot, but I didn’t feel like I was going to be a major issue.

I was wrong. After the first 3 miles it turned into more of a run/walk. My pace was about 13:00 and I was pushing to go faster but it wasn’t working, it was just too hot.

By the end of the first loop the aid stations had run out of ice so everything I was drinking was hot… Gross.

On the second loop I made sure to run through every sprinkler and get in the shade as much as possible. The last mile felt like a real fight, but I could hear the finish line. I pushed hard and did a jumping heel click for a 30 minute PR at the HIM distance.


I felt trashed. Walking through the athlete tent I nearly passed out and decided to hit up the medical tent. I stayed in there for 15 or 20 minutes laying on ice and drinking water.

Once I cooled off my whole body felt better.

Today my legs pretty beat up and I have a blister the size of Kentucky on my foot, but it as totally worth it!

This race was exactly what I needed before Ironman Wisconsin. There is still a lot of work to do in the next 8 weeks, but I’ll be ready!

One thought on “Racine 70.3 Race Report

  1. Congrats on your HUGE PR, Phil !!! Well, the work is ready for you starting this weekend. Are you coming to Madison with me/JHC group next Sunday? You need to!!! Time to work!

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