It’s getting cold. Deal with it.

FACT: I despise cold weather.

Despite living in the Midwest, and having a December birthday (the 11th if you’d like to check my Amazon wish list) I can’t stand anything below 50 degrees.

For the 2nd time this week someone on Facebook or Twitter has mentioned a horrible cold weather training session. I hate it as much as the next guy, but I’ve also discovered a very awesome solution!

DZ Nuts In-Heat Embrocation cream.

DZ Labs sent me a box of their products to talk about on a TV show and until then, I was really only familiar with the chamois cream (which is awesome).

But because I’m a gambling man I tired them all (except for Bliss, the women’s specific cream).

When you first apply it nothing happens… Really.

Of course my reaction was “How worthless is this stuff!” Then I went outside. When the cream hits the cool air, there is a BURST of heat!

It takes a minute to process what’s happening. The cream is activated by the air, so the more you ride or run, the warmer you become.


There are three levels of In-Heat, Low, Medium & High heat. I have yet to try the high heat, though from trying the Medium I can only assume High heat is for multi-taskers who want to roast a turkey in their shorts while getting a ride in!

According to DZ Labs, Low Heat is for brisk fall days. Medium is for cooler days and High is for very cold days and recommended in combination with the Medium cream.

This pro-grade embrocation combines both the traditional components and qualities of the Belgian “home brewed pastes” with modern science to create a medicated liniment that loosens and prepares muscles for maximum exertion, as well as providing warmth, protection, and comfort during the most nasty weather conditions. Developed and tested on the European roads by Garmin Transitions and Columbia HTC professional cycling teams to be an essential training and racing tool.

I’m eager to try it when the weather really turns ugly. That is if I can even bring myself to go outside!

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