How the New York Marathon can be a good thing.

New Yorkers are outraged that the NY Marathon will happen Sunday despite the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Maybe running the race isn’t the best idea. But a worse idea is bitching about it.

You’ve all heard the phrase “actions speak louder than words.”

Stop complaining and start doing something!

Here are a few suggestions.

How many athletes are running to benefit a charity? Talk to your team leader or contact the charity about redirecting the money you raised to benefit hurricane relief.

As endurance athletes we’re bombarded with emails leading up to the race that tell us about everything from the weather to where to get the best pasta dinner. Race organizers should be asking participants to bring supplies to donate.

I’m sure each participant has enough race shirts for a whole family!

And let’s not forget all the money involved in these events. Businesses need money to rebuild, people need money to survive and get by. The city could network with the Red Cross to come up with a way for participants to donate money while in town.

What the people of NY aren’t realizing is that many people who are traveling in for the race really have no idea how bad the destruction is. So think of it as a tour of the city. Let everyone see how dire the situation is.

Maybe the results will surprise you!

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