Time for a Reboot

Tuesday was the first time I’ve been swimming since IMWI. It was pretty nice. I can’t say the other swimmers who had to see me and the seam splitting 15+ pounds I’ve put on all crammed in to a speedo felt the same way [go ahead, think about that and enjoy]!

This was going to be the week I got my act together and started training for [A race TBD]. I feel like a little fire got set under my ass when I got an email confirming I qualified for a corral at the Shamrock Shuffle again.

Shamrock is always my first race of the year. It’s only an 8k, but I’ve PR’d the last 3 years and I like to use it as a gauge to see if I made any progress over the winter.

I still haven’t determined what other races I’m doing, but it’s time I quit thinking about it and start moving or regardless of the race, the end result will be awful. I’m focusing on strength training and nutrition to begin with. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be abusing my trainer!

I spent this morning reading over the notes I got from my consultation with Nutritionist and Triathlon superstar Beth Shutt. It was easy to see where I was slipping. No where in her guidelines did I see the words buffalo wings, cake, beer, or burritos.

After the Ironman my diet took a drastic turn. I was in the mindset of “Hey I just raced 140.6 miles, I can eat what ever I want!”

The problem was that the race only took me about 15 hours and the “eat what ever I want” phase has lasted about 90 days. Soooo there wasn’t a lot of balance. I’m going to spend the next couple of weeks trying to Reboot my system and get back in shape for what ever races I decided to do next season.

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