What is “LifeProof” anyway?

Last year I got a new iPhone to replace the one that met it’s demise after a fall in to the kids bathtub.

It wasn’t the first time one of my phones met water and I was sure it wasn’t going to be the last. I researched cases to find one that would be able to keep up with me and came across LifeProof.

Apple iPhone cases and Apple iPad Cases from LifeProof match the pace of your busy lifestyle. With cases for iPhone 4 / 4S, cases for the Apple iPad 2, and coming soon cases for the iPhone 5 your device and all of its capabilities can follow wherever you go from the sea to land. Additionally, attaching our waterproof iPhone cases to your device lets you take it where other mobile devices fear to tread – oceans, ponds, even the shower! Experts have called LifeProof the best of all the iPhone cases and iPad cases because it is waterproof, dust-proof and shock-proof, but there’s much more to it than that. Unlike other iPhone and iPad cases, LifeProof offers a sleek low profile that barely increases the size of your device. Your iPhone or iPad is not only protected, it looks cool. What’s more your LifeProof iPhone and iPad case is supported by an array of action mounts and iPhone and iPad accessories that let you get the most from your device. Take your device in the water, dirt or snow with LifeProof’s cases for the iPhone 4 / 4S, cases for Apple iPad 2, and cases for the iPhone 5. Let’s Go!

Well with a write up like that how could I not buy one! I was skeptical and the $70 price tag was a pretty steep… But it’s LIFEPROOF. I cave and purchased.

The construction left a lot to be desired, it’s very light and that made me concerned that I just bought a $70 ziplock bag.

I was too nervous to try it underwater, though they claim you can snorkel with it. To me the case was more of an “insurance policy” in the event of accidental contact with water.

LifeProof claims the cases protect the phone (or iPad) from four proofs.


Notice none of those say “Child Proof”. It wasn’t long until my two year old was jamming out to the Black Eyed Peas before he dropped the phone. The impact cracked the door at the bottom of the phone exposing the seal. That means any water contact would seep in to the case.

I tweeted about it.


LifeProof tweeted back saying they’d replace the damaged part if I was still in the 1 year warranty period. They asked for a copy of my receipt… which I didn’t have. But to my surprise they over looked that and sent me a replacement part.


It wasn’t until recently that I encountered another issue. My iPhone was acting up. It wouldn’t charge or hold a charge. The screen wasn’t reacting properly and it would get very VERY hot even when not in use.

I took it to apple who said the charging port at the bottom was very corroded. Corrosion comes from moisture. Which in theory my phone is immune to… Right?

As I mentioned, I don’t snorkel with it. I don’t take calls while in the shower. The most action this phone sees it going in and out of my pocket. Maybe a little sweat if I take it on a ride or run. But it hasn’t been exposed to anything near what the LifeProof website says it can handle.

My apple protection plan lets me replace a water damaged phone for $50. Which I had to do since the phone didn’t work.

I checked my email to see how long ago I had gotten the replacement part. I was hoping I was still in the 1 year warranty period and I could get a replacement case and maybe reimbursed the $50 because the case was a lemon… Not likely I know, but it couldn’t hurt to ask right.

I researched it on their website to see if they cover the loss of the equipment LifeProof says they protect.


LifeProof shall not be liable for any consequential, incidental and contingent damages arising from, but not limited to, the sale, installation, use or repair of its products. LifeProof warranty does not, under any circumstance, cover the replacement or cost of any electronic device or personal property inside or outside of the case. Notwithstanding any other provision of this agreement, LifeProofs’ maximum combined liability shall be limited to the cost for the specific product only.

I also found out that I was out of the warranty period.

And almost as if the case knew they it was past its expectation date, it all started to fall apart. From the rubber seal surrounding the outside of the case to the replaced door on the botton. It’s all falling apart.






LifeProof really isn’t what it says. LifeResistant? Maybe. Over Priced? Defiantly. Lesson Learned? Absolutely.

In my experience, a case at a fraction of the price protected my phone just as well.

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