From Iron to Titanium

I’ve said it before. I didn’t know what to do after the Ironman.

Did I want to do another? Yes, but where?

Ironman Wisconsin is the closest race to my house. So I can drive, which as you know cuts down on the cost of racing (eliminating airfare & bike transport). But IMWI is completely sold out. I thought about Louisville, but I’m not really comfortable enough in my swim to do a non-wetsuit race.

My friend Adam told me about MiTitanum, an Iron distance race just north of Grand Rapids Michigan. Though I did get branded with the M-Dot after IMWI, I like the idea of an independent race. I asked around to get some feed back on the race and it got a great response.

The course looks great too. It’s 2 loops for all disciplines and I hear there is a fair amount of tree cover which is excellent for an August race.

The price is right too. MiTitanium Iron distance starts off at $370 if you registered before Dec 31st 2012 and increases up to $475. So at its most expensive it’s still $175 bucks less than IMWI.

Another interesting note is that MiTitanium doesn’t have a Pro classification for the race, but they do get pro’s in the field.

In the Midwest this could be a perfect “A” race for those of us that want to tackle the iron distance with out the hassle of fighting for an IM spot.

So it’s a done deal for me, MiTitanium will be my featured “A” race for the 2013 season.

I’m going to look in to heading up in the spring to try and ride the course and maybe swim in the lake (if that’s allowed).

I a couple weeks I’m going to do a Skype interview with Doug, the co-director of the race who will be able to shed some light on some of these questions.


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