Stop saying you don’t have time!

It’s been my common excuse for not training lately. It’s obvious that the “I don’t have time” excuse doesn’t t make sense for me, but I’m still falling for it.

For the past 3 years of training I’ve been a full-time employee, parent and want to be Ironman. Things have changed a little over the past year and that should give me MORE time to train.

But like I said, I’ve still convinced myself that I don’t.

This morning I was reading DC Rainmaker’s blog and saw this video.

That is Siri Minge of HiTech Products Cycling team. She’d demonstrating how she can make an omelet while riding on ROLLERS! Talk about using time wisely.

While that is not going to work well for most people, the video proves a point. Everyone has time to train, it’s all in how you arrange your time.

Happy Training.


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