Side Lot Brewery

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A rustic, reclaimed and leather-filled lounge. Cool, welcoming color palettes and friendly faces. And best of all, food and drink capable of turning a good night into a legendary one.

Side Lot Brewery, an exciting new spot from local owners Phil, Brittany and Jason.

Side Lot’s small plates of locally-sourced produce are prepared daily, offering a unique experience and flavor profile every time.

Of course, with a name like Side Lot Brewery, the brews had better be good. With craft beer, microbrews, craft spirits, boutique wine and even locally-roasted coffee, one thing’s for sure: No matter what your tastes, there’s a drink for you waiting at Side Lot.

It’s important to have go-to spots in life… and even a great in-between place. A coffee shop, or restaurant, or bar. At Side Lot, you can get all three birds with one stone.