What is “It Works”?

I'm always a skeptic. My skepticism increases by 100% when it involves anything health and fitness related. This is a story about my good friend Billy. I've known Billy for about 15 years and at no point would I have considered him a health nut. The most activity we ever got was walking from the … Continue reading What is “It Works”?

What is “LifeProof” anyway?

Last year I got a new iPhone to replace the one that met it's demise after a fall in to the kids bathtub. It wasn't the first time one of my phones met water and I was sure it wasn't going to be the last. I researched cases to find one that would be able … Continue reading What is “LifeProof” anyway?

It’s getting cold. Deal with it.

FACT: I despise cold weather. Despite living in the Midwest, and having a December birthday (the 11th if you'd like to check my Amazon wish list) I can't stand anything below 50 degrees. For the 2nd time this week someone on Facebook or Twitter has mentioned a horrible cold weather training session. I hate it … Continue reading It’s getting cold. Deal with it.

First glimpse of the Nike+ FuelBand

I was invited to an event to ge the first glimpse of the new Nike+ FuelBand last night. I wrote about Nike's cryptic video hyping their revolutionary new product a few weeks ago. The following day the announced the Nike+ FuelBand with this video: Here's where honest Phil comes out... My initial thought it was a … Continue reading First glimpse of the Nike+ FuelBand

Oakley Charity Lines

To on one's surprise, I LOVE my Oakley's. So obviously I thought it was pretty cool when I saw the newest lines of Charity branded Oakley shades! "People often say they wear their hart on their sleeve, but we know Oakley fans would rather wear theirs on their face." Most people are familiar with the … Continue reading Oakley Charity Lines

Review: On_Running Cloud Runners

I was given the opportunity to try out the On Running Cloud runners.   There is a lot of emphasis on energy return or propulsion shoes, and the Cloud Runners sure look like they would fall in to that category. They don't. On Running makes "activation" shoes. What does that mean? Using patented CloudTec technology, a … Continue reading Review: On_Running Cloud Runners