Who is that fat guy?

Oh crap it was me!I'm really not here to tell you an amazing weight loss story, I'll leave that to Cubicle Dad! He did something I don't think I could ever accomplish.Yesterday I had asked Adam for some pictures for an upcoming blog, he sent me one from a few weeks before be started training … Continue reading Who is that fat guy?

What race is next? You choose!

We did it, after 8 months of training Adam and I finished our 1st marathon. It wasn't easy to do. Finding time to train, work, rest and have a life was more difficult and stressful than I ever imagined.Despite that, we both enjoyed the whole experience so much that even before 10-10-10 we were talking … Continue reading What race is next? You choose!


It's late... 11:15 Saturday night. The Chicago Marathon is just hours away. I was hoping to be asleep by now, but it didn't happen.It was a busy day... We started at the Expo for packet pick up around 9:30 and left at 11:30. We did lunch downtown and then home. Adam and I did a … Continue reading BRING IT!

Can you feel it? CM10 is right around the corner!

The excitement is getting to me. The Chicago Marathon is just days away and I can't wait! Im constantly seeing other runners on Facebook and Twitter getting hyped up too! Tonight will be my last run before the big dance. I'm going to head to Niketown on Michigan Ave for the Marathon Champions Rally and … Continue reading Can you feel it? CM10 is right around the corner!

Marathon Nightmare!

I know a few people who have told me they've had "marathon dreams". They've dreamt about the start, finish, who they cross the line with. I have had zero dreams that included the marathon. None.But the other night I had what I would classify as a marathon nightmare. In this dream the excitement about walking … Continue reading Marathon Nightmare!