The week ahead

I think I'm over yesterdays run, I put the past behind me so I can focus on what's ahead. The bonus of this week is that I have Friday off! WHOOOO 4 Day work week!Running-wise here's what we're looking at...Monday - RestTues - 3 milesWed - 7ish milesThurs - 5 milesFri - RestSat - Champions … Continue reading The week ahead

Another 5 miles

I got up at my usual 6am today and started getting ready for a run. I was excited cause I was going to take my new Garmin 305 for a test drive. My body felt stiff but I got my crap together and went out.Uuugh it was hot and humid. The air felt thick, I … Continue reading Another 5 miles

Rest Day.

You know, I didn't think a rest day would matter that much given my "training schedule" the last couple of months. But I have to say, I'm quite alright not running today.I did a couple low milage workouts over the weekend. I felt pretty good, except for the heat. I've had very little if any … Continue reading Rest Day.