The right tool for the job: Cycling Gear.

A couple weeks a go something cool happened. I got a my first reader e-mail from a guy asking if as a beginner triathlete I ride in proper cycling attire. Ok maybe it's not that cool to you, but I've never gotten a legit reader e-mail before, so I thought it was neat. The reader asked because he found … Continue reading The right tool for the job: Cycling Gear.

Want to win a bunch of FREE stuff?

FINALLY! it's race week. Early Sunday morning I'll be hitting the water at RAM Racing Bangs Lake Multisport festival. I'm really excited, I haven't raced since Mooseman!! To celebrate raceweek, I wanted to announce the Going The Distance Ride-A-Thon!!!!! I've mentioned before that I'm racing this season to benefit Misericordia Heart of Mercy. With the … Continue reading Want to win a bunch of FREE stuff?

A short Marathon recap.

Yesterday's race was amazing. I'll have videos up in a few days hopefully, but for now here is a recap of my race.We crossed the start line around 8am. Adam took off in hopes of hitting his sub 4:00 time. My plan had been to run between 11 and 12 min miles, and depending how … Continue reading A short Marathon recap.