WTC, Doping and Juan Pelota

When it comes to Lance Armstrong's credibility, I flip flop like I'm running for office. Part of me wants to believe that everything he has accomplished as an athlete came from nothing but hard work and dedication to his sport. Then there's the other part of me that thinks there has to be some truth … Continue reading WTC, Doping and Juan Pelota

Going Pro: A quick chat with Chrissie Wellington

It's 4am in Chicago and I'm sitting in my living room drinking coffee, waiting for the phone to ring. On the other side of the globe it's 10am and Chrissie Wellington, the reigning queen of Ironman is sitting with her Manager Ben calling me. What was supossed to be a video Skype interview is now … Continue reading Going Pro: A quick chat with Chrissie Wellington

Coming up on Going The Distance

Lots of exciting stuff on the brink here at GTD. It's a new year and with that comes new goals. When I started writing this blog I was a non-runner training for my first marathon (done), the next year I wanted to jump into triathlon and aimed to complete an Ironman 70.3 (complete). This year … Continue reading Coming up on Going The Distance