What do I expect on 10-10-10?

After living in the Loop for the past 4 years watching the Marathon is nothing new to me. Running it on the other hand is something I've never done before. My goal from day one was to finish with an official time... even if it was with 1 second to spare. But based on the … Continue reading What do I expect on 10-10-10?

The week ahead

I think I'm over yesterdays run, I put the past behind me so I can focus on what's ahead. The bonus of this week is that I have Friday off! WHOOOO 4 Day work week!Running-wise here's what we're looking at...Monday - RestTues - 3 milesWed - 7ish milesThurs - 5 milesFri - RestSat - Champions … Continue reading The week ahead

Can someone turn down the humidity!?!?!

I had a 3 mile run planed this morning, easy right. Well Yeah... except for this damn humidity. It was killing me. I headed down Michigan Ave and through Grant Park, past Soldier Field and around the Shedd Aquarium. It's a route I've been running for a long time. But today it just seemed painful.My … Continue reading Can someone turn down the humidity!?!?!

Another 5 miles

I got up at my usual 6am today and started getting ready for a run. I was excited cause I was going to take my new Garmin 305 for a test drive. My body felt stiff but I got my crap together and went out.Uuugh it was hot and humid. The air felt thick, I … Continue reading Another 5 miles