Endurance Sport Speaking Events

While you're sitting on the bike or mindlessly doing laps in the pool your mind is probably wondering. This time of year is a great opportunity to hear from some of the best and brightest in endurance sports at various speaking events around the city. So while your mind is wandering, it might as well be thinking … Continue reading Endurance Sport Speaking Events

Corruption, Deceit and the Chicago Triathlon

There are two very similar versions going around of what happened to the ChicagoNow Fast Action Response Team at the Chicago Triathlon. They were both written but my relay teammates Dave (Pace Of Chicago) and Dan (Cubicle Dad). I respect both of these men... we've run together, gone on training rides and swims together, they are my … Continue reading Corruption, Deceit and the Chicago Triathlon

What an active Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday... I just love food, which is probably no surprise. And in years past my Thanksgiving activities included, watching football, eating way too much, drinking too much, and then deciding I needed a little more to eat.This year was different. I had a lot of activities going on! Thursday morning I … Continue reading What an active Thanksgiving!

Hitting the Road – My Summer/Fall Race Series!

Man did I take it easy this weekend. It's been a stressful couple of months, between work & our new show, as well as trying to get my training back on track... its been hectic.Yesterday I spent the day around the house. I didn't run, but we did take a series of 2 mile walks … Continue reading Hitting the Road – My Summer/Fall Race Series!

Time is running out!!

You see this? http://www.oneplusyou.com/bb/files/countdown/countdown.swf?co=0099FF&bgcolor=FFFFFF&date_month=10&date_day=10&date_year=0&un=THECHICAGOMARATHON&size=normal&mo=10&da=10&yr=2010Created by OnePlusYouThat's the little amount of time I have left to get my ass in gear. Before my injury, I would make time to get my scheduled runs in. It seems like now I'm trying to "find time" run.I was really motivated by David Wallach's blog this morning. If you haven't … Continue reading Time is running out!!

When you’re up, you’re up… THE HILL

Nervous. That was the best word I can think of to describe how I felt driving to "The Hill" this morning. I was going to meet Dan (Cubicle Dad) and Dave (Pace of Chicago) for a group run at "The Hill". I don't do group runs often... or ever really, I get concerned that I'm … Continue reading When you’re up, you’re up… THE HILL