No Lifeguard… Swim at your own risk!

It's probably better that the Xsport pool doesn't have lifeguards, that way no one is there to mock the awful swimming workout I attempted to complete this morning. I was pumped and ready, I woke up before my 4:30am alarm, quickly packed my bag and was off to the pool. Coach Jen had a total … Continue reading No Lifeguard… Swim at your own risk!

What do I expect on 10-10-10?

After living in the Loop for the past 4 years watching the Marathon is nothing new to me. Running it on the other hand is something I've never done before. My goal from day one was to finish with an official time... even if it was with 1 second to spare. But based on the … Continue reading What do I expect on 10-10-10?

Mild Disappointment

If you follow me on Twitter (@PhilCastello), you might have noticed that I posted a tweet yesterday that says I had a new PR for my mile.... I was wrong... let me explain.I recently transitioned from using my Nike+ Sportband to Nike+ on the iPhone 3Gs and I'm a big fan. One of my biggest … Continue reading Mild Disappointment