30 mile ride in 1 minute

Coach Jen had me scheduled for a 4 hour ride yesterday. I was PUMPED! I mapped a killer route from my house north to the Wisconsin border & back. It's part of a 112 mile route I want to ride later this season. There were problems with my ride from the beginning, like not sleeping because … Continue reading 30 mile ride in 1 minute

Worst Bike Ride Ever.

I was really excited for my Sunday ride. I had a plan all figured out to fit it in. Since it was Easter we were headed to see family for breakfast, I was going to leave the house on the bike before my wife and then we would meet at her moms house. This plan … Continue reading Worst Bike Ride Ever.

Who wears shoes in a pool?!?!

I guess I do. I had to read Coach Jen's notes twice to make sure I was understanding it correctly.10 x 100 as:5 of them SWIM with SHOES ON....you must focus on pulling more with your upper body and kicking w/ your hips and hip flexors!Apparently I wasn't the only one getting this instruction cause Coach … Continue reading Who wears shoes in a pool?!?!

No Lifeguard… Swim at your own risk!

It's probably better that the Xsport pool doesn't have lifeguards, that way no one is there to mock the awful swimming workout I attempted to complete this morning. I was pumped and ready, I woke up before my 4:30am alarm, quickly packed my bag and was off to the pool. Coach Jen had a total … Continue reading No Lifeguard… Swim at your own risk!

Can you waste a work out?

I love competition, and being that I lost the last Nike+ challenge to Adam, I'd LOVE to win the next one. Adam set up a challenge to see who could log the most distance in the next 2 weeks. The lead has changed twice already. I set out this morning and did a "speed walk" warm … Continue reading Can you waste a work out?

When you can’t run… Drink!

I was ready to go on my 10 miler today... I loaded up the camelbak with water and headed down Harrison... Nice and easy was the plan since did "The Hill" yesterday, surprisingly my legs felt fine.My goal was to get in my 10 miles before the rain hit... FAIL!!!About a half mile in it … Continue reading When you can’t run… Drink!