I’m short and obese … super

Mooseman 70.3 - 12 DaysHey you know what's NOT awesome news to get 12 days before your first triathlon? That you're obese.Yesterday kicked off Healthy Week for NBCUniversal, a company sponsored week of free fitness classes, quick health exams, as well as diet and nutrition info. I signed up for today's biometric testing mostly because … Continue reading I’m short and obese … super

Let’s talk about “Race Weight”

I'm comfortable. Ok, I'm comfortable in my training. I've reached the point where I'm not nervous about being able to finish the race, I'm more curious on how FAST I can finish the race. I remember the same feeling training for the Marathon. When I registered (for both the marathon & Mooseman) my only goal … Continue reading Let’s talk about “Race Weight”

Who is that fat guy?

Oh crap it was me!I'm really not here to tell you an amazing weight loss story, I'll leave that to Cubicle Dad! He did something I don't think I could ever accomplish.Yesterday I had asked Adam for some pictures for an upcoming blog, he sent me one from a few weeks before be started training … Continue reading Who is that fat guy?

Portion Control. The past 20 years

I just saw a commercial for TGIFridays. They were advertising one of their Cheese burgers and I was amazed at the size of the burger. Food has gotten much bigger over the years, which in turn has made people bigger.So thanks to Mental_Floss, I found this great comparison showing the change in portion size over … Continue reading Portion Control. The past 20 years