Where the sidewalk ends…

Remember that book? Well yesterday I found out exactly where the sidewalk ended. The answer is Des Plaines, IL.  I went for a 4 mile run and had to back track several times because there was no sidewalk torun on. WHAT THE HELL!! The first time I noticed the lack of sidewalks in the area was last … Continue reading Where the sidewalk ends…

Marathon Nightmare!

I know a few people who have told me they've had "marathon dreams". They've dreamt about the start, finish, who they cross the line with. I have had zero dreams that included the marathon. None.But the other night I had what I would classify as a marathon nightmare. In this dream the excitement about walking … Continue reading Marathon Nightmare!

iPhone OS 4.0.1 hates Nike+

If you read my blog the other day I felt like I completely wasted a workout cause my Nike+ decided to log time and no distance.Well I have an update. Apparently the new iPhone 4.0 software is not yet compatible with Nike+ (good one Apple!). To make matters even worse I updated to the newest … Continue reading iPhone OS 4.0.1 hates Nike+

Can you waste a work out?

I love competition, and being that I lost the last Nike+ challenge to Adam, I'd LOVE to win the next one. Adam set up a challenge to see who could log the most distance in the next 2 weeks. The lead has changed twice already. I set out this morning and did a "speed walk" warm … Continue reading Can you waste a work out?