Are you an Athlete or an Asshole?

That is the question I've been asking myself since my sprint race yesterday. The final results aren't in yet, but just based on feel it didn't go so great. The difference between being an athlete or asshole is simple and it all relates to how determined you are in your training and how hard you … Continue reading Are you an Athlete or an Asshole?

Ironman Florida 70.3 Race Report

My season FINALLY started on Sunday. I have to admit I wasn't 100% excited about it in the weeks leading up to the race. For about a month I was suffering from training burnout. Just thinking about the workouts wore me out & I did a lot of slacking. On top of traveling for the … Continue reading Ironman Florida 70.3 Race Report

Are you working WITH your coach?

I haven't been the best trainee lately. I work with a fantastic coach, who is dedicated to helping me achieve the lofty goals I have set for this season. But part of working WITH a coach is keeping her (or him) informed on how each workout is going. That's where I have been slacking. So … Continue reading Are you working WITH your coach?

Marathon Recap, Injury Update, 2012 Goals

I felt pretty prepared for the 2011 Chicago Marathon last Sunday. I felt relaxed as I waited to start with the crowd for 45,000 runners. Right before the start I took 4 Motrin and 2 tylenol to ease the pain in my knee from the Plica that I learned I had a few days before the … Continue reading Marathon Recap, Injury Update, 2012 Goals

Bangs Lake Tri – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

I felt really good leading up to Sunday's Bangs Lake Triathlon. I felt prepared for the swim. Jen told me the bike course was fast, so I knew I could kill it. And I had a solid plan for the run. I felt like I had learned a lot from all my training and the … Continue reading Bangs Lake Tri – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Today I did something I don't notmally do... I looked at next weeks workouts in advance!!! I tend to go day to day with my workouts, it really helps that  Coach Jen wakes stays up until midnight each night to email them to me (I refuse to believe that it happens automatically). Next week is a … Continue reading Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Guess who’s a little more fit?

THIS GUY! Yesterday was phase one of my re-test in all three sports. It was supposed to be a swim, but the pool was closed for repair. So being that I had no running gear at work, I made it bike test day instead. I felt good going in to it. Coach Jen had me start … Continue reading Guess who’s a little more fit?

Reorganizing the week.

This weeks training looked awesome on paper. But it went to hell real fast! Sunday i had a 75 min ride, I got set up on the trainer, threw on my new Peal Izumi bib  and was set to go... My Garmin was not. I had it charging, but I think my son Sammy unplugged … Continue reading Reorganizing the week.

Dealing with training pitfalls.

No matter how well you plan, at some point life will interrupt your training and it feels awful when it happens. I had a lot going on at work this week, which made it difficult to stick to my schedule.Monday was no big deal, I hot the pool at lunch and finished my 2,400 yards with … Continue reading Dealing with training pitfalls.

What a good day.

I slept in this morning for he first time in months! I woke up and felt like a whole new person! I was going to get up at 5am and get in my scheduled 50 minute run, but I accidentally left my phone/alarm clock downstairs, so I didn't hear it buzzing this morning.The downside is … Continue reading What a good day.