Michigan Titanium Race Report

Grueling probably best describes my day racing MiTitanium Iron Distance race Sunday. I'm going to talk about the heat. I'll mention the wind, the darkness, hills and road construction. But the real reason I didn't have a good outing was because I didn't really train for this race like I should have. I hardly swam … Continue reading Michigan Titanium Race Report

Going Pro: Craig Alexander talks off-season training

In this "Going Pro" I got another chance to talk to 3-time Ironman World Champ Craig Alexander and ask him some of the questions emailed and tweeted by you!   Craig won his 3rd IM Championship in October. Besides resting after Kona, what are your plans for off-season training? CA: Well so far there has … Continue reading Going Pro: Craig Alexander talks off-season training

Crowie, Rinny & Boom Boom Reed answer your questions

The other day I did a segment called "GoingPro" and interviewed Triathlete Logan Franks about his training and racing as well as getting some tips about triathlon. You readers sent me some great emails and tweets saying you liked it and wanted more... Ask and you shall receive! Craig AlexanderMirinda Carfrae Matty Reed In the coming … Continue reading Crowie, Rinny & Boom Boom Reed answer your questions

Start the off-season right with a FREE Core Workshop!

For most of us in Chicago out racing calendar is coming to an end. With the exception of a Turkey Trot or Rudolph race, we're all going to slip in to this horrible winter maintenance season. But with the help for ProKine Performance it won't be so bad! I got a chance to workout with … Continue reading Start the off-season right with a FREE Core Workshop!

Want to win a bunch of FREE stuff?

FINALLY! it's race week. Early Sunday morning I'll be hitting the water at RAM Racing Bangs Lake Multisport festival. I'm really excited, I haven't raced since Mooseman!! To celebrate raceweek, I wanted to announce the Going The Distance Ride-A-Thon!!!!! I've mentioned before that I'm racing this season to benefit Misericordia Heart of Mercy. With the … Continue reading Want to win a bunch of FREE stuff?

Vote on the NEW blog Banner.

The other day I was staring at Going The Distance and I decided that I needed a new banner to give the page a new look. I made the current banner in about 15 seconds. It's tired. Time for something fresh.I tweeted asking if anyone knew how to make a banner that looked cool. With … Continue reading Vote on the NEW blog Banner.

Bring on October!!!

What a long and busy weekend! Saturday I went to Cog Hill to watch the BMW Championship with my Dad, cousin and a friend. We had a good time, it was a shortened match to NBC could broadcast the Michigan/Notre Dame game. We saw Tiger shank balls all over the course, which was cool. After … Continue reading Bring on October!!!

Rest day here I come!!!

6 mile run in 1,000 degree heart... DONE!I love the heat, but I hate running in it. The best way of motivating myself for this mornings run was thinking to my self... "Tomorrow I don't have to do this."It's not workout, it's just the heat. I had an easy run planned, my goal was to … Continue reading Rest day here I come!!!

Can someone turn down the humidity!?!?!

I had a 3 mile run planed this morning, easy right. Well Yeah... except for this damn humidity. It was killing me. I headed down Michigan Ave and through Grant Park, past Soldier Field and around the Shedd Aquarium. It's a route I've been running for a long time. But today it just seemed painful.My … Continue reading Can someone turn down the humidity!?!?!

Diets are stupid… So there.

I hate diets and dieting. The main problem is that I LOVE food, specifically dinner. When I wake up one of the first things I think about if what I should make for dinner (Thanks Mom, I'm blaming you for that). I was texting my wife at 9:30am about going for wings and beer tonight!The … Continue reading Diets are stupid… So there.