Simulated Coaching

With Michigan Titanium behind me, I've starting going over how I trained (or didn't train) for the race. After having completed Ironman Wisconsin the year before, my thought was that some missed runs, rides or swims will not make or break my chances of crossing the finish line. That mentality is what led to my … Continue reading Simulated Coaching

Michigan Titanium Race Report

Grueling probably best describes my day racing MiTitanium Iron Distance race Sunday. I'm going to talk about the heat. I'll mention the wind, the darkness, hills and road construction. But the real reason I didn't have a good outing was because I didn't really train for this race like I should have. I hardly swam … Continue reading Michigan Titanium Race Report

Managing sleep, training and everything else.

You know the story. You've got a big week of training lined up, but you're missing out on valuable sleep that you need to help your body recover. It's the story of my life right now. I've been working to bounce back from a knee/foot injury from the Chicago Marathon. My training has been made up of … Continue reading Managing sleep, training and everything else.

Start the off-season right with a FREE Core Workshop!

For most of us in Chicago out racing calendar is coming to an end. With the exception of a Turkey Trot or Rudolph race, we're all going to slip in to this horrible winter maintenance season. But with the help for ProKine Performance it won't be so bad! I got a chance to workout with … Continue reading Start the off-season right with a FREE Core Workshop!

Training’s “Ah-Ha” moment

Throughout my stint with endurance sports there have been struggles. For marathon training it was my leg injury from building distance too fast. Now in triathlon training, my biggest hurdle has been swimming. I've tried just pushing through my workouts sometimes failing to complete them, I've gotten advice from Coach Jen, my Masters coaches and … Continue reading Training’s “Ah-Ha” moment

My 1st New Years Resolution

Adam and I had a discussion about New Years resolutions last week. I said to him that I don't think I've ever had a legit New Years resolution. I didnt have anything in mind, but I wanted one.Adam's suggestion was not to. His reason being that I set some hearty goals for 2011. Between the … Continue reading My 1st New Years Resolution

8 Benefits of exercise. Do you need anymore reasons?

1. Reduction in coronary heart disease -Exercise helps to lower the "bad" cholesterol(LDL and TG) and increase the "good" cholesterol(HDL). This shift in ratio of good and bad cholesterol helps to reduce the blockages in the arteries. Exercise in combination with a good diet and basic supplements like Omega 3 fish oils, Vitamin C and … Continue reading 8 Benefits of exercise. Do you need anymore reasons?

Getting and staying hydrated

I completed my 14 mile run on Sunday, but towards the end it wasn't easy. It didn't cross my mind that even though it was warm enough for a run outside, it still WASN'T warm enough for the city to have turned the water fountains back on.Before I left the house I made sure I … Continue reading Getting and staying hydrated