A short Marathon recap.

Yesterday's race was amazing. I'll have videos up in a few days hopefully, but for now here is a recap of my race.We crossed the start line around 8am. Adam took off in hopes of hitting his sub 4:00 time. My plan had been to run between 11 and 12 min miles, and depending how … Continue reading A short Marathon recap.

The run from hell!

Temperature-wise, I think hell was a little cooler today. But as far as the population goes I think there were just as many ass-holes. I guess it served me right for running north along the lake path through the crowd of Air & Water Show-goers towing coolers, grills and enough camping supplies to leave home … Continue reading The run from hell!

Rest day here I come!!!

6 mile run in 1,000 degree heart... DONE!I love the heat, but I hate running in it. The best way of motivating myself for this mornings run was thinking to my self... "Tomorrow I don't have to do this."It's not workout, it's just the heat. I had an easy run planned, my goal was to … Continue reading Rest day here I come!!!