Holy Crap It’s Race Week!!!!

Wow, I haven't posted in a while. Life has been pretty hectic lately. I haven't had Internet at home for a bit because I moved from the loop to "lovely" Des Plaines. It's been a big change over the last few days. The biggest change has been in my commute. I was just a mile … Continue reading Holy Crap It’s Race Week!!!!

Bring on October!!!

What a long and busy weekend! Saturday I went to Cog Hill to watch the BMW Championship with my Dad, cousin and a friend. We had a good time, it was a shortened match to NBC could broadcast the Michigan/Notre Dame game. We saw Tiger shank balls all over the course, which was cool. After … Continue reading Bring on October!!!

The run from hell!

Temperature-wise, I think hell was a little cooler today. But as far as the population goes I think there were just as many ass-holes. I guess it served me right for running north along the lake path through the crowd of Air & Water Show-goers towing coolers, grills and enough camping supplies to leave home … Continue reading The run from hell!

Ouch my legs!

My first week of marathon training is complete! It wasn't a hard week at all. My longest run was only 4 miles, but they were the most difficult for miles I've had in a long time. My shins were killing me! I'm not sure why either. I've been running pain free for a while, but … Continue reading Ouch my legs!