When is it time to get new running shoes?

When is it time to get new running shoes?

It’s finally March, which in Chicago mean’s the the running season has officially started! We’re only 20 days from the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle.

All winter we’ve been running indoors an out building a base to kick off the season. How are your running shoes holding up? I know I could probably use a new pair. If you’re not sure what to look for when determining if your shoes should be retired, LAVA Magazine made this video to help you out!

If it is time to replace your kicks, I HIGHLY recommend getting properly fitted at your local running store.

What’s the deal with run cadence?

What’s the deal with run cadence?

Coach Jen sent me an article from LAVA Magizine about improving your run in triathlon. It’s one of the big things I told her I wanted to work on leading in to this season.

The run was the one thing I didn’t really worry about going in to any of the races last season, but it was the one part that I always fell apart on. I can’t think of a good thing to say about any of my run legs  from last year other than “I finished”.

While racing Mooseman 70.3 (my 1st ever triathlon) I blamed the horrendous hills on the bike for killing my legs and at Bangs Lake I actually felt good going in to the run and planned to make up some time from my not so stellar ride… Fail. I’ve never been so angry after a race.

It’s really important to me to do well in EVERY race this year, so I’m open to anything I can do to improve my overall performance. The article was full of great tips, so I suggest reading it.

One of the big things I want to do is take part in a Biomechanics clinic. I’m hitting up a clinic at Runner’s High n’ Tri in Arlington Heights. The purpose of the clinic is to become a more efficient runner by working on your body position. I’m pretty pumped about it.

Another thing the article mentioned and Coach Jen often has me work on is cadence. Running cadence sometimes feels like a tedious task, but it is key to efficiency. Personally I find it diffacult to keep a high cadence, I often find myself over striding.

I’m adding a Garmin foot pod when I run so I get cadence data for all of my runs and not just the one’s where Coach tells me to keep track of!

So like the article says, it’s an “Early Season Check-in”. I think now is the time to start making these little changes to the way you swim, bike and run in order use them properly so you will perform well come race day!

Review: On_Running Cloud Runners

Review: On_Running Cloud Runners

I was given the opportunity to try out the On Running Cloud runners.


There is a lot of emphasis on energy return or propulsion shoes, and the Cloud Runners sure look like they would fall in to that category.

They don’t.

On Running makes “activation” shoes. What does that mean?

Using patented CloudTec technology, a Swiss engineer who was struggling to continue to run because his knees had taken severe damage from years of using conventional running shoes, set out to change the physics of running.
The clouds on the sole of the shoe are designed to activate kinetic muscles, as if you’re standing on the physioball.

The first run I took really felt different in comparison to the Mizuno’s I’m used to. It’s hard to describe the feeling, but think of how your foot, ankle and knees adjust when you’re standing on a physioball, now imagine running with that sensation. That’s how the Cloud Runners feel.

It takes a few runs before the feel “normal”. I took my first run very slow, but the more miles I put in the more my body had the chance to adjust. They’re not designed for running in the winter, the Cloud sole of the shoes have a very smooth surface.

The Cloud Runner is designed for high impact runs, long train sessions and endurance runs. The enforced CloudTec system offers excellent stress absorption, efficient energy transfer and fast recovery.

It’s definitely an interesting shoe and well worth a try. The shoes aren’t available locally and have to be ordered on line.



Holiday Booze info for athletes

I notice that everyone seems to stray away from their fitness and nutrition goals around the holidays. And hey why not! I’m not afraid to tell you that I’ll probably the first one to crack open a bottle of something on Thanksgiving tomorrow. But what and when should you drink?

LAVA magazine has an article called “House Calls: Drink Up to Better Health”. I thought it was interesting so I thought I’d share it with you.

Amateur athletes and doping, do you care?

Amateur athletes and doping, do you care?

I was reading LAVA magazine yesterday and the Editor’s Note on page 12 really stood out to me. Editor Brad Clup wrote about Performance Enhancing Drugs in Triathlon. He mentions an article he was trying to write years back about PEDs that he didn’t finish.

The interesting part to Brad was that of the 12 athletes, race directors and industry execs he interviewed for the piece all but one said the use of PEDs is a bigger issue with amateurs athletes than with the Pro’s. 

But what I found interesting is that Brad was surprised at all…

I’ve spent years working in a few different health clubs, and a GNC, where I’ve heard members, customers and even employees talking about all the stuff they’re trying, how they’re using it and the results they’ve gotten.

Though I’ve never used anything you couldn’t purchase in a GNC, I’ll admit to looking up what I could use online, to try and find a way to gain an edge in High School… (hey, it worked for the guy in ‘The Program’).

Thumbnail image for Steve Lattamer.jpg

Brad says he can’t think of a single good reason for a Pro to dope. I’ll agree with that, mostly because it’s too easy for a pro to get caught and banned. 

But who’s really worried about the age grouper trying to qualify for Kona?!? It’s not like he or she will win. And if they did, don’t you think the WTC would test the ‘nobody’ who beat the Pros? If this Zero gets banned, he’s not losing his paycheck, endorsements and professional credibility.

I’ll be honest and say that I’m not for banning PEDs for amateur athletes for the same reason I’m not for banning smoking… If you want to pay to pump garbage in to your body go right ahead.

The majority of amateur triathletes you’ll toe the line with this season aren’t trying to win. This is a hobby for us, we pride ourselves on doing a little bit better each time we race. 

So if it makes you feel like you’ve accomplished a great feat by chemically engineering yourself to beat me and thousands of other people who trained hard, just for a goal of crossing the finish line then have at it! 

After you finish, feel free to tell all the kids you know that the Easter Bunny’s not real, cause you’d probably enjoy that too!

Enjoy that little bit of prize money or free pair of shoes you win for being first in your age group at your local Tri… Cause you’re a douche-bag.

Happy Wednesday Everybody!
Mooseman in 74 days.