It’s getting cold. Deal with it.

FACT: I despise cold weather. Despite living in the Midwest, and having a December birthday (the 11th if you'd like to check my Amazon wish list) I can't stand anything below 50 degrees. For the 2nd time this week someone on Facebook or Twitter has mentioned a horrible cold weather training session. I hate it … Continue reading It’s getting cold. Deal with it.

Crowie, Rinny & Boom Boom Reed answer your questions

The other day I did a segment called "GoingPro" and interviewed Triathlete Logan Franks about his training and racing as well as getting some tips about triathlon. You readers sent me some great emails and tweets saying you liked it and wanted more... Ask and you shall receive! Craig AlexanderMirinda Carfrae Matty Reed In the coming … Continue reading Crowie, Rinny & Boom Boom Reed answer your questions

Going Pro: Triathlete Logan Franks

Have you ever looked at your training schedule and thought "There just isn't enough time in the day"? If so then do yourself a favor and start following Professional Triathlete Logan Franks on Twitter to REALLY see what a jam packed day looks like. Logan tweets things like "Heading to the gym for a 2:15min spin, … Continue reading Going Pro: Triathlete Logan Franks