Dealing with training pitfalls.

No matter how well you plan, at some point life will interrupt your training and it feels awful when it happens. I had a lot going on at work this week, which made it difficult to stick to my schedule.Monday was no big deal, I hot the pool at lunch and finished my 2,400 yards with … Continue reading Dealing with training pitfalls.

The weeks almost over… Have I won yet?

My goal was to destroy this week. Here I am, Friday afternoon I'm on 2 hours of sleep and I have several hours of work ahead of me tonight.... I'm not sure who's winningI do have a 45 min scheduled.... Unfortunately, I'm not exactly when it's scheduled for... The good news is, this week isn't … Continue reading The weeks almost over… Have I won yet?

And it begins!!!

Yesterday I had a call with Coach Jen to talk about the goals I had set for the year and what I need to do to achieve them.... Wow I have a lot to do!Jen was awesome! I have to admit that I was a little concerned that she was going to tell me I … Continue reading And it begins!!!