What’s the deal with run cadence?

Coach Jen sent me an article from LAVA Magizine about improving your run in triathlon. It's one of the big things I told her I wanted to work on leading in to this season. The run was the one thing I didn't really worry about going in to any of the races last season, but … Continue reading What’s the deal with run cadence?

A BIG endurance weekend

I figured hat by the age of 29 I had a good handle on how to ride a bike. But hey, I've been wrong before.I got a text message from Dave "Pace of Chicago/The Walking Dead" Wallach on Thursday asking if I had taken a ride outside yet...Ummm No.... I picked up the shiny new … Continue reading A BIG endurance weekend

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

It's been a long 3 weeks of training filled with long hard workouts and no rest. Saturday towards the end of my masters swim I was on the last 50 of the main set and I was so exhausted I was ready to give up right in the middle of the pool. I finished, but … Continue reading Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Baby Jogger friendly races

If you haven't heard, I've been doing a lot of training (I'm actually writing this while on my bike.) the big downside of this amount of training is I do it alone. But when I see a race that looks interesting my first question is who can I run with? I usually ask my wife … Continue reading Baby Jogger friendly races

2011 Marathon Charity & New Bike

It's the announcement you didn't know you were waiting for!!!I decided to race with a charity for the 2011 Chicago Marathon. I did a few charity races last year and raised money for organizations like Cancer is Colorblind and Children's Memorial Hospital but I didn't run the marathon with a charity group.Before I registered on … Continue reading 2011 Marathon Charity & New Bike

Change of plans….

Im not racing.... Ok I made that up. But I won't be racing Steelhead. Here's the story... Adam and I were in the distance challenge portion of our competition and we had both started working and talking with our respective coaches. I've known Adam for a long time, the man wasn't going to down without … Continue reading Change of plans….